The project


starting point


limited number of bookmarks

1.000.000 *

of people and stories

There are several ways to introduce design and particularly interior design items. Our way – the one we have chosen as to best represent our style – is making objects last for a lifetime in different places around the world.
An accurate planning phase, a careful and shared construction of the prototype and, last but not least, the attentive and professional handling of valuable materials, will add distinguishing features of durability to the objects.

Here is the reason why we want our products to live their own life, a life from a special perspective: the objects viewpoint.

So what if we let them, literally, tell about the people they meet and the places they go to?
For this project we have designed and produced a limited number of bookmarks (inspired by our bookmark Venezia) in a very modern, durable and versatile material so as to allow the integration of some simple high tech functions and turn them into meta-objects.

Each single bookmark is equipped with a unequivocal identifying QR code, plus a self explanatory note that starts the dialogue with who finds it.
Thanks to the QR code the dialogue will continue on the web and the plot will start to weave around.
To initiate the interaction on the website page, a first-person narrative will be told by the bookmark itself which, in turn, will persuade the finder to tell another story (and give his/her geographical location as well).
Those who come into contact with the bookmark, can feel free to use it for a certain period of time, after which they will pass it on to another person who is likely to appreciate, and share the same experience.

Starting from Venice and ideally following in the steps of Marco Polo, we hope to build up a sort of shared journey among tales spreading in space and time, together with people who, like you, from Venice to Peking will read novels, textbooks, essays, poetry and mark the pages of their books with the same object.

* “Il Milione” (The Million) is the original title in Italian of “The Travels of Marco Polo

And we believe that such a great story is really worth to be told.

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As soon as we manage to trace the journeys of our first 100 bookmarks we will be able to draw a map of their travels. At the moment the only way to come into contact with one of our Milione is to get it as a present from a person who has already got it. Soon we will introduce some news. So, if you want to join us please write.

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